Monday, February 25, 2013

February 18, 2013 - President's Day

What's up family and friends!? it's been a great week, my companion and i hit 5 of the 8 standards of excellence which president hess considers a commendable week. we worked our butts off. it really doesn't feel like it should be P-day today. well my comp and i have had to do a bunch of finding this week.  but we've found a ton of people to teach!! we found 5 solid potentials to teach and we already taught one. her name is holly, she is a member of the Odawa tribe here in petoskey. she has had a hard life, but started praying to jesus ( without being instructed or told how to do so) and just thought it was the right thing. we taught her the restoration and it was really amazing how prepared she is to hear the message! I've experienced some weird stuff. haha. naked people answering the doors, weird athiest guy that wanted to talk and proceeded to tell us how he broke his foot fighting with foam swords, and just a whole bunch of weird. haha. gotta love petoskey, cheboygan, and charlavoix. I'll be headed down to traverse city on tuesday through thursday because i'll be doing exchanges with the zone leaders. it's been a great week. we are going to start the quit smoking program with a guy, so that should be good. i'm excited to help someone with that. so guess what. i'll be eating the worlds second hottest pepper on the sixth of march. haha. if i do it i become an honorary uper! (upper peninsula person) like i said it's been a great week. I love how much our stake prepared us. i really felt prepared and i feel like i'm hitting the ground running.  aerating prepared me too, cuz now i don't take it personal when someone says no at the door. It's awesome how much god helps us out with the work.  my comp and i are trying to get members involved with helping us, but it's kinda difficult cuz they all are busy and live far away (or so they say) but we'll get them involved with the investigators. don't worry. haha. :) so i did have a chat with the branch council. there goal was to give us two referrals a month and i basically told them that that was the worst/ laziest goal i had ever heard  and that we should easily get two a week. haha. my branch likes me though so they took it well. haha. well i hope you all have a fantastic week and i'll write again next week!
Invited to a Members House for Abraham Lincoln's Birthday. 
 His favorite meal was served as well! 

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