Monday, February 25, 2013

February 11, 2013 - Welcome to Michigan

 Last sight of the mountains for two years!
Well, i'm in Michigan! We got up at 3 in the morning on wednesday and headed to the airport. i only got an hour of sleep that night because i played bang until like 2 in the morning with the others that i wouldn't be seeing again.  but we got delayed a few times and stuck a few times so I got to the mission home at around 5 o'clock michigan time.  but it was cool, at the airport we had a long break, and i kept thinking in my head that there was no such thing as coincidence, so i started walking around with another elder.  We were in line for wendys and i started talking to a guy and he was telling me all about his life and i started telling him about the book of mormon and how it gives us direction and really helps us. so i gave him a pass along card and told him he could get a free book of mormon from it and showed him the number to call and stuff. it was cool cuz he said, "i'm really open to this stuff cuz i'm looking for direction in my life." it was cool, cuz i saw how there really isn't such thing as coincidence.  So i'm doing good out here.  it's really easy for me to talk to everyone.  i've done slash heard of so much stuff that i can relate to almost anyone, which is really useful when first talking to them. so my companion's name is Elder Wright. he is from California.  he's a good guy, he's a hard worker and he and i think very similarly. so we've been working hard every day and getting work done! we've found at least 7 people to teach in the two days we were able to work this last week. which is a huge blessing.  the branch here is very small but the area is huge.  there hasn't been a baptism in about six months, but that is about to change!! I'm excited to finally be here and be working.  My area is Petosky. it is huge. it covers macinac city, charlevoix, and cheboigan and a bunch of other places.  I'll be able to go on exchanges to the upper peninsulla and my first exchange to there will probably be in a week or two.  it's not too cold here.  i would dare say it was colder in utah. My companion thinks i'm a weird greenie, cuz whenever he asks if i want him to do stuff first i say no and i do it.  so like doorknocking i said that i would do it right off. but it's been a good experience, lots of doors in the face, but a few really prepared people that we are going to visit this week. i'm excited to see what comes of it.  my apartment was freakishly disgusting, so i've been cleaning it like crazy.
  my companion has probably realized that i'm ocd and expect cleanliness, so he's started to clean his stuff up too. but it's really good, i'm enjoying it here.  the bay of lake michigan is frozen! i thought it was a field with snow on it, but it was the lake! the makes really do freeze into wave position and it's nuts! haha.
so ya, it's been a good week. my area is a full time car mission, so that's really nice. it's kinda funny, this is gonna be a boasting in my god, but not me moment.  i've been told my whole life that this would be a huge tough experience, (which i'm sure it will be, and it has been) but it's nuts how much i've been blessed with strength.  but moral of the story, i've been able to keep on pushin on. i don't really know how to explain my feelings right now, but i have a huge confidence in the lord right now, and have since i got dropped off at the mtc.  i've had some hard times, but it's always in my mind that i can't be stopped. which sounds way prideful, but it's true.  i honestly can't be stopped cuz i have god on my side. i probably sound like a mega greenie. but it's true.  i'm excited to work hard and get the work moving again here in this area. I love you all and hope all is going well. 
 Upon arriving at the mission home, there was a moment to take this picture with Monson Welch who is Brian Bentley's cousin serving in the same mission.

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