Monday, February 25, 2013

February 1, 2013

Whats up!? well it's almost time for me to hit the mission field.  i'll be leaving early wednesday morning.  I'm pumped. the MTC has been great, but i'm to the point that i just want to go do, and not learn how to do. but it's been an awesome experience.  I had in field orientation yesterday, so i'm now ready for Lansing.  or as ready as i can be. My companion and i have done really well teaching our investigators here in the MTC. I've gotten pretty good at teaching the lessons.  I really do feel like i'm going to hit the ground running because of all the work i did on my own and with the stake's mission prep classes.  I'm hoping i get an awesome trainer that is excited to be there or else i'm gonna punch him in the head and force him to work hard! ;) ok maybe not i'll be patient. you guys would be proud I got stuck with the laziest kid in the district as my companion and i haven't punched him yet! I've just done what i'm supposed to do and led by example.  This kid sleeps like 90% of the day.  it's honestly amazing.  i thought i was good at falling asleep until i met this kid.  but like i said i've been patient with him. I just mess with him when he sleeps in class. haha. it's pretty funny. but everybody is getting used to being away from their families so there aren't that many depressed people anymore! haha. I really like my district.
 we got some funny kids in here ( me being the funniest) that really get along and are all striving to fulfill our purposes as missionaries.  the thing i love the most about the gospel is that it's complete.  I used to think it was hard to teach the gospel to someone that already had a really good relationship with god but wasn't mormon.  now i've found that it's not that hard at all! it's so cool because the Book of Mormon just builds on what the bible teaches.  it has the potential to answer the questions people have about the bible and make the bible more clear.  it is so cool how happy you can be when you apply the principles from the bible AND the book of mormon.  you just need to help people see that the book of mormon is here so that we can live with our family forever with god and that it can make us sooo happy! Well, i don't have too much more time and i really don't know what else to say.  the food here is amazing. but it's dumb, i've literally eaten 3 times the amount i did at home and i haven't gained a pound! i was hoping to be the size of big buddah by the end of my MTC experience. i'm the strongest in my zone by the way. we get gym time every day and i've shown up all the boys in my zone.  I'm truly a man among boys! ;) haha! Well, you guys stay classy!
Love Elder "The Studliest/ biggest man/ funniest man" Foust! ;)
 The night before leaving the MTC with his good friend Elder Austen George

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