Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4, 2013

another great week here in michigan! Unfortunatly we weren't able to teach holly this week cuz she wasn't home all week, but we'll be seeing her tuesday. We have to do a lot of door knocking out here because the church is pretty small here. but we found some people to teach this week which was awesome! i'm a little pressed for time this morning so i can't share a whole bunch but i have a couple awesome experiences that happened this week that i'll share. so we were up in cheboygan at lunch with a family ( the dad is in the coast guard, fun fact. haha) and they said they were out doing there home teaching and they were seeing a sister that is less active and this family the home teachers were like "well we have to go because we're feeding the missionaries lunch." and this black guy in another room heard and freaked out and was like "you mean the elders?! the elders are back in cheboygan?!" some how this guy got lost in the mix and no one filled out any paperwork on him so we didn't know about him. so we went to see him and he was pumped! haha. he was like " oh man, let me find my Book of Mormon! the Elders are in my house!" he was way awesome! he is a lutheran, but he has a testimony of the Book of mormon and loves the book of mormon. so we'll be visiting with him when we go to cheboygan.  So that was way cool to find him and start teaching him. moral of that story, do your home teaching!! it is SOOO helpful when members do there hometeaching and are willing to help.

 So thursday night i was trying to find a member to bring to gina's lesson (the one with the baptismal date) while elder wright was filling in the area book. i called like nine sisters to come along with us and none were around! so i called the ward mission leader to see if anyone popped into his head and he gave me a couple sisters names so i gave one a call that i didn't really think would fit for gina but she said she could come with us. well we go and teach gina and the sister was a champ!! there stories were exactly the same! god proved to me how he knows best on that one. well to continue the story we told the sister before the lesson to invite gina to church and she did and it was awesome! so yesterday at church we had four investigators there! Gina and Kory ( the black guy) sat with us and the other two were with other families that we asked to fellowship them. and it was testimony meeting and nobody bore weird testimonys, they were all way powerful and everyone felt the spirit. so it was awesome! then to show how much kory loves the book of mormon, during priesthood the guy teaching was like does someone want to turn to alma 40? and kory jumped and grabbed his book of mormon and was like" oh man nigga, I got that!" haha! it was sooo funny! he loves the book of mormon. i'm loving it here in michigan. elder wright and i don't get down. it's sooo nice not having a companion that gets down with things don't go smooth. in fact for the most part, days do not go how we plan. but we always have a good time and keep laughin and rollin with the punches. no need to get down over something that you can't really control. remember to always find the good in life. cuz it's always there. well, my people, i'll cya later! haha. Peace!

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