Friday, March 29, 2013

March 18, 2013

another great week in michigan! this week was miracle after miracle. We found six new people to teach and taught a ton of lessons! it was great to see everything go through and see it all work out. We found out where kory went. haha. he ended up going to gaylord (a couple hours south of me) to visit his grandpa for a couple weeks. so we weren't able to teach him again this week, but at least we know where he disappeared to. haha. so we found out sunday that gina got antied by all of her family on sunday so we got to go clear some things up. we went over to herapartment and she was like " my family says you guys worship joseph smith and all this stuff." so i looked at her and asked, " when you came to church, who is the only person we worshipped?" and then she was like 'jesus. . . " and then she was like," i know it's true, i've prayed about the book of mormon and i just know it's true. i hate that everyone trys to tell me otherwise." so it was pretty easy to clear up her concerns, because she already knows it's true and that her family was wrong.  it's funny how much satan trys to bring down the church, but just can't. people think that the commandments are just restrictions on us, but if only they knew how free they really make us. We had a cool lesson on preisthood authority with a couple that are in their fiftys. they were really confused and we cleared a lot of stuff up and i showed them my line of authority and showed them how we can trace our authority back to christ and they were pretty amazed that we could do that. a lot of people out here confuse the light of christ with the priesthood. we've had to teach the difference quite a few times. I went to traverse city on a trade off with elder manning. it was a pretty short trade off because our schedules were way busy. but the zone leaders have to go on at least one trade off per transfer with the district leaders so it had to be done. but it is fun to go work in other areas and see how the work is going there. Like i said, this week we have been extremely blessed. i'm looking forward to another great week! sorry i don't really know what to say this week. haha. so it's kinda short today. You Stay classy!!
Petoskey, Michigan

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