Friday, March 29, 2013

March 11, 2013

What up my people!? haha. it's been a great week in Michigan! first i'd like you all to know that i ate the second hottest pepper in the world on wednesday.
 This is the Bhut Jalokia Pepper.  It is 400 Times Hotter than Tobasco Sauce.
it was the hottest until just a little while ago. you'll be getting a video of that pretty soon. haha. 
Day of Eating the Pepper with a Doctor standing by
So we did trade offs on wednesday and i stayed here with Elder Mosely while Elder Wright went to the Sault. We didn't really have a lot of visible success this week. it was kind of a weird week, not a lot of people answered their doors and not a lot of our lessons went through. but it was still a really good week. like i said, Elder Wright and I are really similar so we didn't get down at all, we just kept going. haha. cathryn (one of our investigators whose had a lot of missionaries) says we are definitely the goofiest/happiest missionaries that have taught her. haha. i definitely take that as a compliment. We are starting to help Gina quit smoking because she really wants to be baptized. so we've been working hard with her so she can move forward.  We went to see kory on thursday but he hadn't been seen in a few days... haha. so hopefully we see him again soon. he doesn't have a phone and he lives forty miles away in cheboygan, so he's not really one that we can go try to catch everyday.  Holly unfortunatly shined us this past week so hopefully we can catch her again.  unfortunately there is a TTOONN of anti stuff up here so before lessons we have to clean up a lot of things which isn't a big deal, but it sucks when people wont talk to us about it. but we'll catch her. haha. so i was reading in Doctrine and Covenants and found some sweet scriptures!  Doctrine and Covenants 35: 13-14. Its SOO sweet! haha. we (20 year old kids) are the weak things of the world and we've been called to Thrash the nations!! SO SICK! man, it's cool to be a missionary and know that god is behind you one hundred percent as long as you're being obedient. i was seriously pumped after reading that. god's army of missionaries is thrashing the nations! Well, i'm basically out of things to say. like i said, this week there wasn't a lot of visible success, but we still worked our butts off and know that no missionary work is wasted. ok, one last scripture Doctrine and Covenants 130: 20. this one is sweet too. it's basically saying if we keep the commandments god cannot go against the law that is in heaven. he has to bless us. so don't make exceptions to keeping the commandments of god. god knows it's hard. he's trying our faith, but he WILL bless us. That's all i have for you folks today so cya later! haha.

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