Monday, January 28, 2013

Mission Farewell

On January 13, Landon was assigned to speak in the Oak Woods Ward at 9:00am.  This was to be his talk prior to entering the MTC.  He was assigned to speak on the scripture he chose to be on his Missionary Plaque, which was Moroni 10:3-5.  Landon shared why he was a member of this Church and the blessings he has seen from following some of the commandments. 1) Service -it helps us to forget our own problems and it makes you feel happy.  2) Tithing -this shows that you trust God and then he can bless you.  3) Word of Wisdom -this was ahead of its time and it is truly revelation from God.  4) Law of Chastity - keeps families together.  Pornography literally changes your mind so you can't think.  5) Church attendance -offers a place of refuse.  Those that go to church are proven to be happier.  6) Temple Attendance -It is also a place of refuse and teaches us things in an eternal perspective.  7) The church and Jesus Christ gives us hope.  We can be with our families forever.   Moroni shows us that reading, pondering and praying help us know truth.  By doing this, I know this Church is true.  A mission was always in my plans. But things started getting in the way.  1) School -I could be further ahead, but then I though it will always be there whether I do it now or later and I knew I would never regret serving a mission. 2) Girl I'm fond of,  I would miss her, but then I thought that my future wife deserves a returned missionary and the man I will become.  She deserves a righteous priesthood holder.  We all deserve to be happy and this is what I want to show people. I prayed and it feels right, I know I need to serve a mission. Landon then finished with his strong, humble testimony.

After Sacrament Meeting all the friends and family gathered at the Foust House for food.

The entire day was spent visiting with those he loved. It was a great day!

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