Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trip to Wind Rivers Wyoming

Over Labor Day Weekend, Dean and Landon went with our Home Teacher, Keith Stratford and some of his kids backpacking up in the Wind Rivers which is East of Jackson Hole Wyoming. Here is a picture of the crew that went (except the picture taker Dean). They left on Friday late afternoon and drove the 5 1/2 hours to get there.

Landon helped Dean with some of the weight. We found out later that he had a large bone spur on the center of the pad of his foot. No wonder he had a hard time walking.

The food is always better at camp! Even when it is dehydrated.
We get to share! They had a great time and are already planning a trip next summer to King's Peak which is the highest peak in Utah. Maybe some of the other boys can come.


  1. It looks like they had a good time! Great view too!

  2. That makes me want to go hiking and become a mountain man like you two! Good job in helping your old man Landon.